Bara Villagestay is a modern version of a traditional Filipino Nipa hut made of mixed woven bamboo walls, bamboo floor, Nipa roof, and rattan furniture. It is built on concrete stilts for a strong foundation. It has also a high roof for extra ventilation with fresh air coming from all sides of the room and from its bamboo floor. Our veranda is facing a fresh water fishpond where tilapia and catfish dwell. One can enjoy the view of the beautiful tropical flowering plants while seated at the veranda. In addition to the veranda, the huge room includes a sofa set that can accommodate 6-8 visitors. It has also a spacious bathroom connected by a separate door and another entrance/exit to the house. The room is equipped with a queen size bed and an extra single bed with mosquito nets.

BBQ pit and a Coleman picnic box are available upon request.

Bara Villagestay is surrounded by tropical plants, fruits, and colorful flowers. Dive into a simple yet cozy village life away from the stress of modern life. Let Bara give you a full electronic detox during your stay.



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