The beautiful people of Bara

Kids meet up

Kids meet up

Electricity in the village is limited and a public generator runs only 5 hours a day and operates at night. There is no transportation in the village except for some bicycles and a few motorbikes. Walking is generally the means of transportation so be prepared for a wholesome fitness when visiting friends and families in the village.

The lack of comfort a modern world offers does not stop the people of Bara from being happy and warm people. Karaoke is available in most of the houses and everyone in the village loves to sing. People anticipate a yearly Bara fiesta where people wear their new clothes, prepare special foods at home for guests, and show off their cha-cha-cha skills at a place called “plaza” where everyone gathers once a year for 3 consecutive nights. The fiesta is full of local entertainment usually taking place from 15-18 of  January every year.

The Baranians (natives of Bara) are mostly Catholics and the yearly fiesta is being celebrated in honor of Bara’s Saint Patron, Nuestra Señora delos Remedios who is believed to have shown miracles and have saved lives during a very strong typhoon in Bara.

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