“Hilot and Tampos” Traditional Healing

Mamay's garden used to have herbal plants

Mamay’s garden used to have herbal/medicinal plants

While browsing on the photos and videos we have taken during our last visit in Bara, one picture of our friend lying on our bed with the herbal leaves on his forehead caught my attention. They say a funny picture always catches attention first. I can’t help but laugh while looking at his photo but it made me realize that despite the advancement of medicine and modern technology, people in Bara still resort to the traditional way of healing/curing sickness.

My mother is considered as a “traditional healer” in Bara. I am so proud to say that I have never been hospitalized ever since I was a baby until this stage of my life. I remember as a kid being down in bed with fever and flu for few days. My mother used her magic way to cure us by picking the leaves or scraping the bark of her herbal plants from our garden. That leaf or bark concoction will remain at our forehead for days until the fever/flu disappears. It will be combined with a traditional body massage or “hilot” during the night until we fall asleep. She has never learnt it anywhere in the books, but as a mother of 8 children, she had to use her maternal instinct how to keep us safe and alive. Her magic hands also helped countless of people in Bara.

So when our friend got sick after 2 hours of walking on the beach and the field under the hot sun, he didn’t manage to escape from my mother’s magic hands. Although I jokingly call it magic, this holistic approach works most of the time. As I can prove it, I’m still alive and kicking.

Mother knows best 😉

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