Gathering fresh coconuts

Another awesome experience I need to share is how Bara people gather coconuts from the tree. Majority of men in the village, at least those who grew up surrounded by coconut trees, are able to climb a coconut tree and pick or gather coconuts. There’s no training required to do this, but just be brave enough and strong enough to climb, hang on while taking the coconut (fruit) off the tree.

My guests had wanted to walk around the Sitios surrounding Bara so we walked from Bara Villagestay to Sitio Burabod. It was 2 hours before noon so we walked through the beach under the heat. We finally found Sitio Burabod and the people were just chatting and preparing for lunch. With my dry throat, I dreamed to have some fresh refreshments that will make my thirst disappear instantly. And luckily enough (that the world is so small), we met an ex-schoolmate from Sawmill who was willing to gather some fresh coconut for us. I had the chance to show my guests how to be creative when there’s no spoon available to get the young coconut meat out of the shell. And of course when there’s no glass or straw to drink the coconut juice, I had to show them the “girl scout” way. The 2-hour walk was rewarded with fresh refreshment, and meeting an ex-schoolmate was a plus.

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