A visit to the fishpond through the vast mangroves

This video originated from a surprise invitation of our ex-high school Math teacher during our village festival. I have lived at our hometown for 16 years, and yet I have never known that there’s such a vastness of mangroves that can be reached easily by motorboat just 10 minutes away from the main Looc river.

As this is my first video editing experience, it took me 5 hours to produce this video. It might be due to my inexperience and the simplicity of the software used. I now understand better the difficulties faced by videographers to produce a good video. It needs a lot of skill and dedication to work on one video.
I want to also give the credit to Stefan for capturing this footage and for patiently teaching me in editing this video. It is always an advantage to be ready with a camera with video to capture scenery such as this one. I hope you will enjoy the video!


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